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Reality Check!!
« Topic Start: August 11, 2005, 01:48:07 PM »
Well, its time to face reality. We have officially fallen behind the Philadelphia Phillies and are in a third place tie with the Marlins and only one game out of first place. Even when we went 20-6 in June, we had a NEGATIVE RUN DIFFERENTIAL. And like Tim Kurkijan of ESPN always says "there have been 211 teams in the history of baseball to be last in their league in runs scored (like the Nationals are) and none have made the playoffs and out of those 211 teams only TEN have finished with winning records." Sure our offense is starting to pickup and there is still a minute chance but are we REALLY gonna make the playoffs?

However, its important to remember how far we've come this year. Remeber in spring training, EVERYONE thought we'd be in last place the whole season. But hey, we led the NL East for two months. We have shown everyone the IMMENSE AMOUNT OF POTENTIAL that we have. So I say, we just make sure that we at least finish the season over 500 and then next year with an owner and more money, we acquire some big bats and a STAR PICTURE (maybe Oswalt, Martinez?) and then we're for sure taking that Division and the World Series. Remeber everyone this is our teams first year in existence. We will be with this team for the rest of our lives and we'll be able to watch games one day in a new decked out stadium. So, I'm just saying make the playoffs or not, the future is bright and lets keep our hopes high for next season and the seasons after.

Feel free to comment if you disagree or agree with anything I said. Thanks!!! :lol: