Author Topic: Beat Pettite, Sweep Rockies  (Read 1595 times)

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Beat Pettite, Sweep Rockies
« Topic Start: August 11, 2005, 01:45:14 PM »
That's the plan.

If we can manage to get to Pettite early, and Drese puts of a solid outing we can leave Houston with a series win, and still only be 1 back of them. I think our offense is waking up finally, and I've got a good feeling about tonight's game. as long as Drese can keep the ball on the ground, I think we can get through Pettite. he's good..but He's no Clemens and he's no Oswalt.

our bats SHOULD continue to come alive in Colorado, and if our bats are working again, I don't honestly see how Colorado can beat us.

Preston and Vinny should thrive at Coors for three games. I start Preston every game that series.

If Arizona does their Job, we could find ourselves within 2-3 games of Atlanta by the end of the week, with a good opportunity to push the Phillies back down.

We gotta make it happen.