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Who would you trade first (or last)
« Topic Start: July 06, 2005, 11:22:13 PM »
Of the players on the active roster, which players would you trade first, which would you not even consider trading. Of the players considered the starting 8, which if any would you trade?

Current starting 8
Brian Schneider (C) he stays for sure
Nick Johnson (1B) only if the Nats get a equal or better 1B (he stays)
Jose Vidro (2B) 50 games on the DL 2 years straight, trade him
Vinny Castilla (3B) Keep him around until Zimmerman is ready
Cristian Guzman (SS) what can I say, he's a walking Rubik's Cube
Ryan Church/Marlon Byrd (LF) trade one or the other but not both
Brad Wilkerson (CF) Trade him, IMO he's not as good as everyone thinks
Jose Guillen (RF) the Nats heart, he stays

Okay with that said, I'm not saying trade them now, but if the team is to get better, those I marked as tradable will have to go.