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Re: Cubs Nearing Implosion
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They have begun to eat each other on the Cubs MLB Message Board.  They are only a one or two losses away from having a worse record than the Nats.

Some of my favorite recent quotes from their own fans off that board:

"85% of people in wrigley field on any given day are not cub fans. they're wrigley field fans who can't get enough $6 old styles"

this team is dead. again 40000 idiots sitting at the game , wasting their time and money on public execution of a so called professional baseball team. 99 years my friends, lets keep going to the games and to the cubs convention and cheering on the 7th inning stretch and watching the bleacher dorks get drunk and paying 30.00 to park your car and hoping ernie banks will sign my jockstrap.

I try to have amnesia every season. And no, it doesn't work.