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Nationals Playoff Charity Challenge
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So everyone knows I’m a SSS person. Last year I made bets with anyone who was willing as to whether the Nats would make the playoffs.

Here’s how it works. I think the Nats will make the playoffs. If they do and you bet with me that they won’t, you have to give a amount we determine to the charity of my choice. If the Nats don’t make the playoffs, I’ll make a donation to the charity of your choice.  We have to both agree on the charities. No political charities allowed.

Last year this was fun and we got to focus on and publicize some great causes.

If you’re interested, DM me with the amount you want to bet and the charity (I don’t want to necessarily publicize amounts) and I’ll post the charities publicly in this thread so others can donate if they choose.

Let’s have some fun!