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Re: Backyard critters
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Those guys are hell on rats...Adams Morgan could use a few more owls.  I've seen them flying to or from Rock Creek park, sometimes with a tailed sandwich in hand.
The coolest thing I ever saw was when I was living in DC and walking along Independence Ave. toward the Cap. South Metro.  There is an old stone church that's near 2nd and Independence, SE and we were walking along the block when a gigantic bird flew directly over our heads (within seemingly inches) and roosted in a small tree about 1/2 block ahead.  I remember saying something lie, "holy crap!  What the hell was that?!?!"  My buddy said, "probably just a crow or something...."  I responded, "that wuold be the biggest crow in the history of the world - that was no crow."

As we approached, I couldn't see the bird.  All of a sudden he/she turned his/her head and all we saw was:

(Image removed from quote.)

It then flew up into the belfrey of the church.