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Re: Backyard critters
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All the way back into the mid-90s, there was a pack-like group of what were purported to be coyote/shepherd mix animals in an area of Rockville. More likely they were just feral dogs. They'd have to hybridized to behave like a pack - I think coyotes are solitary. I also understand that it's possible, but very unlikely - for dogs and coyotes to mix - different cycles.

We've definitely spotted coyotes in The Land of Sublime Living™, Gaithersburg, Maryland, but not for a couple of years.

Pretty awesome. However, our auxilliary, outdoor cat has survived for years unaccosted by anything other than a raccoon.

There was a pack of local dogs up in Winchester that kind of went feral and would work like a pack to chase deer. I don't think they did it that long as the hunters up there really didn't appreciate it.