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Any advice for keeping a chipmunk out of my garage? Is there any way to keep him away without having to kill him? Anyone know if a repellent like this would work?

If I have to kill it, I have read that peanut butter and rat traps will work.

they sell predator urine at some hardware stores- fox urine around the perimeter of my fence got rid of a bunch of rabbits who were destroying a garden, might work for chipmunks

saw this this morning

The Talberts named the smaller of the two tiny critters Phineas, the larger one Ferb.

The Fort Hunt family found what they thought were very young kittens under their backyard shed. The animals were so young, their eyes were not even open.

When the animals' mother did not return to the shed, the Talberts took them in and began to care for them. This included feeding them kitten formula every two to three hours around the clock. They even bought a few toys for their new pets.

On a spring day several weeks later, the Talberts took Phineas and Ferb to a park along the Potomac River and let them play on a picnic blanket

A park ranger walked by and "[he] said, ‘They look like a very strange breed of cats,’” according to Hayley Talbert.

“We were very surprised. We couldn’t believe it. We were convinced they were cats,” she said.

Phineas and Ferb were, in fact, very young red foxes.