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Preview of The New Ballpark
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I'm not particularly thrilled with the idea that the only area in which you will see the DC skyline will be the right field upper deck.  That stinks!  But I guess there's not much you can do about it because of the sun-orientation and DC's low skyline character.  It really is too bad they weren't able to build the thing in Virginia at Pentagon City or Rosslyn, that would have solved this much desired aspect of the new stadium.

The Pentagon City option (which was dead on arrival I might add) would have had the stadium right next to the Pentagon.  If you were sitting behind home plate you would have had all the monuments behind the outfield wall.  That would have been FANTASTIC.  Oh would also be fantastic if we coulda held on to first place too I suppose.  :roll:

NOTE:  THE IMAGE BELOW IS NOT THE NEW STADIUM, rather an image of what the Pentagon City site would have offered had it been chosen instead of SE Washington.