Updated - who does Harper sign with?

21 (58.3%)
10 (27.8%)
2 (5.6%)
1 (2.8%)
White Sox
2 (5.6%)

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  • We had 'em all the way.

My memories of HS and Doug Tracht;

HS calling Air Florida after their plane crashed into the Potomac and asking them how much a one way ticket to the 14th St Bridge cost.

That's the kind of stuff Imus did in the early 70s in NYC.    Mindfact  ....   I think Imus called somebody in a hospital and asked 'em how they were doing.

Google sez Imus was in Cleveland as well.    I might remember that but those files are fuzzy.

IMO    Tracht's comment about MLK got him the banishment he deserved.