Who does 34 sign with?

34 (38.2%)
18 (20.2%)
20 (22.5%)
10 (11.2%)
Diamondbacks or Rangers
7 (7.9%)

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Author Topic: POLL: Bryce's team in 2019 will be.....  (Read 29402 times)

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Re: POLL: Bryce's team in 2019 will be.....
« Reply #1125: January 11, 2019, 08:33:14 AM »
I’ve heard just the opposite. They seem optimistic on Machado based on recent reports. Not Harper.

well, they're breaking out the big guns:

Greg Luzinski
Harper signing picking up. Sat is the day we make out move

Middleton is going to ok the deal on Saturday and ok the spending for a great .hitter. Harpers on his way