Would You Throw Back Barry Bonds Historic Homerun Ball?


Author Topic: Would You Throw Back Barry Bonds Historic Homerun Ball?  (Read 5163 times)

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Jeez guys come on...  some people are idealists and others are pragmatic.  Maybe you each see the other as being so to a fault, but the issue is dead now...  some dud from Queens got the ball and is probably going to spend it all on hookers and blow.  End of story.

I haven't visited this thread for awhile but when I do, I come back to baiting tactics towards me.  If he has a problem, I offer him a private solution to resolving that problem. 

Natsfan, the fan might be a Mets fan but then again, NYC itself is definitely Yankees territory.  I went to three parts of the city and it was no contest who it seemed everyone was rooting for.  Saw a few Mets hats but there were legions of Yanks swag, even on the homeless.  One guy was on his way to work in nice pants, nice shoes, and a collared Yankee shirt.

The guy who caught A-Rod's 500th was a Yank fan from NJ. 

My Curly W hat wasn't the only one in the city though.  I saw quite a few on the heads of youngsters and a strange amount of adults sport them in the Bronx.