Would You Throw Back Barry Bonds Historic Homerun Ball?


Author Topic: Would You Throw Back Barry Bonds Historic Homerun Ball?  (Read 5141 times)

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And, yes, as Robin Williams said during the credits of that hilarious "Up For Grabs" documentary, we want to snag a ball that has an insane value. Maybe if you caught this one, you would see that it is returned to Bonds. Maybe you would throw it back onto the playing field, which is highly doubtful. Maybe you would fight for it with other fans and become so attached to it that you spent a year and a half in legal turmoil waiting for a judge to decide whether it belonged to you or someone else.

That is exactly what happened to the ball that Bonds struck on the last day of the 2001 season for his 73rd homer, which stands as the single-season record. "Up For Grabs" -- the fifth best-reviewed baseball movie on the Rotten Tomatoes website -- is a fascinating look at that long and comical battle for possession of that 73 ball. Video showed that it first nestled in snow-cone fashion into the glove of Alex Popov, but Patrick Hayashi is the person who emerged from the ensuing scrum with the ball and was ushered downstairs by Giants security at AT&T (then Pac Bell) Park.

Very good read.