Would You Throw Back Barry Bonds Historic Homerun Ball?


Author Topic: Would You Throw Back Barry Bonds Historic Homerun Ball?  (Read 5267 times)

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I understand where you're coming from, but once you're in the position of providing for the financial future of your family, and have the chance to make a huge step forward completely legally, aren't you really making the wrong sacrifice to just say no to the proceeds from the sale of the ball? 

It will be interesting to see what really does happen.  It is widely speculated that Bonds can pace his HR rate so that he gets the big one in San Fran.  If so, there's almost no chance it's coming back out of the stands.

Of course, I would root for someone to throw it back, for all the reasons stated above, and since it would't be $ coming out of my pocket anyway, LOL.

Getting money for that ball is like buying conflict diamonds to me.  Or buying clothes made with the blood and sweat of innocent sweatshop children.  Or buying ivory illegally obtained from black market poachers.  Take your pick.

I love my family and I already have had this discussion with my wife.  She would throw it back too. ;)