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Gameday Thread: Nationals vs Padres, Game 2
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Quote from: "Kenz aFan"
carlfish & esoteric
Tell me, do you guys swear like this when you go to the games too?

Usually far, far, FAR moreso.  After all, everybody my age swears.  Us young twenty-somethings are a rude generation.

Point taken, however.  Honestly, I've tried to be careful with my diction on this board, but "sob" (spelled out, of course) and the word which refers to one's posterior are not considered swear-words of any importance where I come from (or even in national culture - they're all over primetime television, for example), but rather mere colorful language.

That said, I'll put a lid on it from now on!  Be prepared for creative, non-vulgar oaths.

edit: I have a feeling this game will allow me the opportunity to come up with several new 'creative coinages'...1-1 tie btw. the Nats and the Papists.  Arrrgh...