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Re: Red Carpet Rewards 2018
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I have Diamond Club season tickets and have had for a few years. There is a capacity issue in the Diamond Club and there has been for some time. There were a couple of times last season where I had to get really creative in order to exchange two pair to make a 4, and at least one time where we couldn’t get 4 together so we watched the game from the patio—- not a bad outcome, as far as workarounds go, but a workaround nonetheless. I understand blackouts. I understand availability. But if I can’t get 4 seats together to a stupid game against the stupid Reds without waiting till the last minute or paying more, I’m pissed.

Will someone’s inability to use points for a free game in the Diamond Club make or break their decision to renew? Probably not.

Will someone’s inability to exchange unwanted games for wanted ones (without paying a $60/ticket upcharge for HPA seats) make or break their decision to renew? I think it’s going to be a factor.

Either way, someone gets pissed off. Do you want to piss off the person who wants to sit there for free, or the one who is paying to be there?  Because the place is damn near full on a regular basis and you’re not going to be able to accommodate everyone.