Author Topic: 2nd Annual WNFF Meet & Greet - 8/4/18  (Read 11992 times)

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Re: 2nd Annual WNFF Meet & Greet - 8/4/18?
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Versus seeing him in  a green trimmed uniform on St. Patrick's Day, but hey, it's a long drive across Florida.  :roll:

It's a mere 1007 mile drive for us.

That is quite a haul...

...we only have to drive 12 h 41 min (890.5 mi) via I-95 S.   :whistle:

Seriously, I didn't realize it was that far for you.  You get a pass, from me anyway, until 2019...

...of course you're not likely to see Harper in a Nats uniform when you're there, but hey...  :shrug: