Author Topic: 2nd Annual WNFF Meet & Greet - 8/4/18  (Read 12815 times)

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Re: 2nd Annual WNFF Meet & Greet - 8/4/18?
« Topic Start: February 26, 2018, 11:28:34 AM »
I don't think I'm stretching things to say that we all had a really good time together last year.  I know I certainly enjoyed being with old and new WNFF friends.

We owe much of the success last year to our long distance traveler Skippy, who was something of a catalyst for the event.

Unfortunately, some of our members could not attend last years gathering for one good reason or another.

This year, I'm working to avoid the conflicts of the late September time frame, and towards bring in one of our International Nats fans to join us.

So...floating this out there...Saturday, August 4th @ 7:30pm...Nats vs Reds.

Never too early to plan...give it some thought and give me your feedback...

FWIW, the Nats go on a road trip from Rosh Hashana through the night Yom Kippur starts, and have a scheduled off day on Yom Kippur.