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Re: 2018 Spring Training Discussion
« Reply #50: March 01, 2018, 01:33:41 PM »
When the Nats win the World Series and some will complain about the parade route.
Mathguy and Imref will complain about having the parade go by the Trump International Hotel, I'll say that duckboats should only be used if you go into the Charles River, dcpatti will say they should have had better food trucks, Blue911 will complain about not being able to drink in public (though it did not stop him), Mitlen will say Caesar had a better triumph after beating the Gauls, VaRK will complain about not allowing him to ride his motorcycle down Pennsylvania, Skippy will say it messed up her bowling night, Welch will say that if the Nationals had not moved to Minnesota, they would have won another world series with Harmon Killebrew, Slate will say this should have happened in 2012, Bluestreak will complain about the length of the speeches, and MDS and Ali will complain about the lack of places on the route to lock up their bikes.  Only person who will be content will houstonat, who will note that he once shared a mailbox with Anthony Rendon.  The Chief would complain, but nobody listens to dinosaurs.