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Re: 2018 Single Game Tickets
« Reply #25: March 07, 2018, 09:27:10 AM »
Hope you were able to get what you needed.  I was surprised at the field 100 section was $60 if I remember correctly.  I was thinking of splurging for HPA in case the weather stunk and those were ~$400 I think?  Nope, haha.
I had 5 people in my group put in for 5-7 tickets.  I thought about picking up 3 extra beyond my regular 4 but I was surprised by the prices, too.  For the NS Club, my regular $65 seats were $125.  I could not just pick them up and say "well, I got enough tickets for everyone, so I'm going to have to limit 4 people to singles and not be able to satisfy the ask of one partner.