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Re: 2018 Single Game Tickets
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I picked up a couple PNC tickets for the first Sox game and tried to get two Delta seats for the 4 Jul game.  They only had singles (or one single??) and the checkout system doesn't let a person add a second ticket selection for the same day, ie can't add two singles, so I stalled for 45 minutes by selecting other tickets, replacing, removing,  etc so I could try and get my rep on the phone or answer my email to see if she could see if there is another single and/or if she can get me a second single so my dad and I can go together.   No joy, must have the day off.  Completed the order and will have to hope to find a second.  Went and grabbed lunch and logged back in and found out we can still buy tickets, which I wasn't expecting because other Nats presales I've done since becoming a SPH are a one and done thing.  If i knew that I would have checked out fast and went back instead of waiting for a non response from my rep.  No singles available on the 4th in Delta now.  Frustrated.