What middle infield signing would be a bigger difference maker?

Nats sign Reid Brignac and give him a non-roster invite to spring training
2 (20%)
NYY sign Danny Espinosa and give him a non-roster invite to spring training
2 (20%)
Angels sign Brandon Wood and give him a non-roster invite to spring training
0 (0%)
Mashing Manny Burriss returns to his rightful place!
2 (20%)
Who are these guys?
4 (40%)

Total Members Voted: 10

Author Topic: Nats sign Reid Brignac . . . seriously  (Read 686 times)

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Re: Nats sign Reid Brignac . . . seriously
« Topic Start: January 31, 2018, 08:36:40 AM »
We have Sanchez and don't need any of those guys.
Brandon Wood was Danny Espinosa with more power, fewer HBPs, less glove, and no bazooka.  Came up through the Angels system right around the same time Howie Kendrick did.  I think he pushed Delmon Young for #1 prospect in baseball. 

OK, so here's the 2007 BA top 100:
Top 3 of Dice-K, Alex Gordon, and Delmon Young.

Longoria #7, Wood #8, Brignac #17.

Also, Cameron Maybin #6, Justin Upton #9, McCutcheon #13, Tulo #15.  Pitchers - Phil Hughes #4, Andrew Miller #11, Kershaw #24.

By 2008, Longoria was #2 to Jay Bruce.  2008 looks much better in hindsight, with Kershaw #7 but behind Joba and Clay Buchholz at #3 and #4. 

At this point, Optics will pipe in about how Brignac, Delmon Young, and Wood prove prospects are not to be overvalued and we should trade Robles . . .