What middle infield signing would be a bigger difference maker?

Nats sign Reid Brignac and give him a non-roster invite to spring training
2 (20%)
NYY sign Danny Espinosa and give him a non-roster invite to spring training
2 (20%)
Angels sign Brandon Wood and give him a non-roster invite to spring training
0 (0%)
Mashing Manny Burriss returns to his rightful place!
2 (20%)
Who are these guys?
4 (40%)

Total Members Voted: 10

Author Topic: Nats sign Reid Brignac . . . seriously  (Read 742 times)

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Re: Nats sign Reid Brignac . . . seriously
« Topic Start: January 31, 2018, 08:31:01 AM »
I'd think/hope he's this year's AAA middle infield organizational depth. He hasn't appeared in more than 50 games in the majors any season since 2011 and didn't play in the majors at all last season.  Heisey, for all his incredible Heisey-ness, was well above that level when Dusty brought him here in his extra suitcase. 

Brignac also has the fundamental moral failing of repeatedly trying to grow facial hair despite being terrible at it, but that's just another strike against him on top of the fact that he can't hit (from both sides of the plate!), sucks at about 4 different positions, and adds no value as a pinch runner.  He's like if Brian Bixler grew 9 inches and forgot to eat or shave for six months.  If I ever went to a baseball stadium and saw his name in the lineup, I'd be angry at paying to see that - sorta like how it got to the point where I walked out of the park every time Jason Bergmann came into a game.
First, PoTY candidate, which already means the  NRI has paid off.

Second, I was flipping through some old posts about Brignac when he was coming up.  Funny thing was, his bat was supposed to be his strength, and the scouts thought he could stay in  the middle infield.  He was 1-2 with Longoria on the Rays prospect lists for a season or two.