Author Topic: Why is "The National Pastime" only the 3rd most popular sport?  (Read 1989 times)

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I look at it like the Cubs didn't so much "rebuild" in the traditional way of thinking, rather they hired a new project architect...the Frank Lloyd Wright of MLB...

Maybe splitting hairs there...

Well, Theo traded Jeff Smardzija, Aramis Ramirez, Andrew Cashner, Matt Garza, Scott Feldman, Ryan Dempster, and Alfonso Soriano and got some very significant contributors like Arrieta, Hendricks, Russell, and Rizzo in those deals. They also used the high draft picks they accumulated to get Bryant, Schwarber, Happ, and Almora. They also dedicated resources to acquiring foreign prospects like Baez, Contreras, and Torres who was dealt for a significant piece of the WS team. Yeah, it may have been overseen by a genius and they already kinda sucked when he arrived, but they very much did tear the team down and rebuild via the farm and then supplemented with free agents once they were ready to make their move. (KC and Houston did the same thing.)