Author Topic: Why is "The National Pastime" only the 3rd most popular sport?  (Read 2139 times)

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Citing the last three World Series winners counts as cherry-picking? I'll add that the intent should of course be to continue to draft well and sign good foreign prospects to replace guys who become ineffective or leave in free agency to try to prolong a window and avoid a rebuild for as long as possible, but when a roster reaches the point that it no longer is a viable contender, rebuilds should happen. It might not work, but it's still usually the logical option. Also, kinda funny to note that the Pads can count as examples of both methods failing in their perpetual rebuild state and when they made all those deals in 2015 and still failed.

Which is nice if you're a fan of those teams while they're peaking, tune in any other time during the decade(s) long cycle and it's not so fun.