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Re: 2018 Projections
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I like our roster. The only real major drop off candidates are Zimmerman and Murphy. I think Zimm its just a question of being healthy, if healthy he'll produce. Murphy though is gonna be hitting that decline, but we do have Difo to platoon with him. Remember though that Eaton will replace Werth and that's a HUGE upgrade. Harper and Rendon will be fine. I don't see Taylor dropping off that much, maybe a little, and remember we have Robles who could explode. Stras will be just as dominant, if not more so if he's completely healthy(I think he's due for that monster ~20 win Cy Young type season), Scherzer might have a slight drop off but I think he'll be fine too. Bullpen won't suck as much with the big arms back plus Glover healthy.

We'll win 100 games this year. After that though, who knows.