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Re: Competitive Balance Tax
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The team needs a long term catcher AND another starter. I feel Lucroy is another Matt Wieters waiting to happen. I think a number 3 starter will cost more in trade than Realmuto, and the team has stated that they aren't trading Robles or Soto, and that limits what they can get back in return.

This team doesn't need another starter right now. We have 3 starters who are projected to be worth more than Arrieta in the regular season (including damn Gio) and Roark is projected at 2.2 wins.

It would be preferable not to enter the playoffs with Gio as a 3rd starter, but that doesn't mean Arrieta is the answer at 5 plus years and $100 million plus. And just because we'd prefer not to use Cole/Fedde/Jackson as our 5th starter in the regular season, again - that doesn't mean we need to sign a 5th regular season starter who costs $100 million.

Anyways, I don't blame you for wanting another pitcher considering we have a couple starts who've underwhelmed in the playoffs (to put it mildly), and I'm not necessarily saying you're wrong. I'm just pointing out an alternative viewpoint.