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Re: Competitive Balance Tax
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I've said it before and I'll say it again, they are at a 30% tax on their overages. Sure, they want to reset next year, but they are ALREADY OVER THE THRESHOLD. They will be paying 1.5 Million in tax this year if they don't get below the threshold. If they add someone at 20 Million a year, that adds an additional 6 Million in tax. I wouldn't be surprised if they aren't trying to flip Wieters if he continues to have a good spring, and trade for a catcher, even a Tyler Flowers if the Braves make him available, or wait out the Marlins for Realmuto and try and get him at the deadline. If they did something like that, it would make the tax hit closer to 5.5 Million.

The luxury tax raises to 206 Million next season and the Nats have nearly 74 Million in AAV taxed salary coming off the books at year's end. Add in Arrieta at 20 Million and there is still enough for the potential to bring back Harper or Murphy, or add another second tier bat. I'm really starting to think letting Bryce walk is best for the team in the long run because Robles looks to be the real deal and there is a lot of hope in Soto, and both of them in the outfield is arguably better than one Harper.
Not sure how their business is set up but they are likely getting large tax decreases like every other business.