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Re: Competitive Balance Tax
« Reply #25: January 12, 2018, 12:38:59 PM »
I agree with your sentiment that it was a screw up he should be held accountable for.  I think you are over-stating the impact a bit though.  The difference only matters if we sign a qualified free agent, and the difference is losing our 2nd and 5th best draft picks if over versus losing just our second if under.   Basically it causes us to lose a 5th round pick if we sign a FA who has declined their qualifying offer, and some extra international signing money. 

It's not that it only matters if we sign a player who received a QA, it's that we've removed ourselves from the market. An unforced error. It's also a $2.5M cash loss, which we know the Lerners won't like, $1.5M in fees and $1M in missed revenue sharing.