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I think we're getting a bit carried away on Goodwin.  He's a 4th OF type, not an everyday starter.  .251 / .313 last year,  and his stat line wasn't all that better at Syracuse (he hit .280 in 2016, but was a low .200s hitter before then.)  Souza was a better prospect who absolutely mashed in his last year at Syracuse.  (.350 .432   .590).  If we trade Goodwin it's going to be a for a mid-level prospect.    The ideal scenario for us is that Taylor repeats his 2017, while Robles mashes at Syracuse, and we can move Taylor for help where we need it.

Of course, trading Soto and a package for Realmuto would negate the need for any big moves in the regular season.
If we trade Goodwin, it's going to be for a bench player or a middle reliever, unless he's a throw in for a big package.

We need quality starting pitchers...
Not really.