Author Topic: Welcome Matt Adams /Fire Matt Adams /Extend Matt Adams  (Read 2454 times)

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This is probably a question for another thread, but what do we do if Brian Goodwin actually broke out last year? If he is a good OF who can give us an OPS around .820? Try and pull another Souza deal?

That trade was a work of genius. Rizzo doesnt get everything right, but some of the moves he makes are just brilliant
He's a nice piece to have around in case it is Taylor that returns to Earth.  I could see him as  a nice complementary piece to Robles and Taylor in 2019 if Harper were gone and we went with Eaton Taylor Robles. 

To tie it back into Adams, I'm guessing he and Adams gives us two nice bench bats against righties, Difo is a switch hitter, and then Mystery Man is the righty hitting outfielder we pick up or who  makes the team on a spring training invite.