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Re: Home Team discount?
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My first time in Cincy, we sat a few rows behind a fella in a Strasburg jersey. Stras was pitching. 
Then Stras got taken out in maybe the 3rd inning with an injury.
By the 5th inning or so, the Nats were losing.
The fella in the Strasburg jersey left his seat for a few minutes.
When he came back, he was wearing a Votto T-shirt.

That fella sucks.

Hm I don't remember the Cardinals ending a 108-year championship drought the year before meeting us in the playoffs.  Cubs fans travel very well, Cards fans generally do not, but the Cubbie bandwagon is everywhere.  Guess you didn't watch the Dodgers-DBacks series where Chase Field was half Dodger fans (another fan base that travels very well and has a huge nationwide bandwagon) or the Cubs at Dodgers where the park was a third Cubs, or all the Yankees fans in Houston.   If the Nats and Red Sox play in a World Series together, I fully expect a third of Nats Park to be dirty filthy Sox fans.

I live in Louisville and sat 2nd row behind the Nats dugout for the game Stras came out early hurt.  It was the 2015 season I believe. 

When people say a fanbase "travels" well, I think largely it's fans of that team that live close to or in that city.  Like me living in Louisville, KY a little over an hour from Cincy.  I always go to the games in Cincy.  There are all sorts of Cubs fans that live here in Louisville, and they go up to games in Cincy as well.  Cubs fans are all over.  So it's not like people from Chicago are traveling all over to watch the Cubs.