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Re: Home Team discount?
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Yeah fans like me who buy Nats season tickets
Who had Redskin season tickets for years till Snyder killed my interest

We're the reason the DC arenas are often filled with fans(many of whom are from DC) rooting for the opposing teams,if not, then the stands are filled with empty seats. I really enjoyed sitting in Wrigley Field East during last year's playoffs and that Dodger series in September? Who needs to spend airfare to sit in Chavez Ravine???????????????? O yeah, I will never forget the fun of the home team being booed  unmercilessly opening day 2010

Don't get too close to me if you see me at a sporting event. We fans like me are infectious

Have you ever been anywhere outside of dc? Big groups of Away fans is the norm. Mets fans in Philly, A’s fans at AT&T Park, Astros fans in Arlington, Jays fans at Safeco, Yankees fans at Fenway. This crap happens everywhere. The only place it doesn’t happen is at Dodger Stadium cause no one wants to get their ass beat for wearing the wrong colors. You wanna see an Away team take over a ballpark, try Miller Park when the Cubs come to town.  I genuinely don’t understand the vitriol over something that happens everywhere that sports are played.