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Re: Home Team discount?
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My sample size is small but from one series spent in Chicago there seemed to be a noticeable inference in home stadium atmosphere. Sometimes it seems there are as many Cubs, Cardinals, Dodger,Braves, Oriole (from Washington) fans at Nats Park as you'll find in those teams own home stadiums.

If the Cubs fork over the dough Bryce, who has spoken publicly of his agitation with the many come late, leave early, Nats fans; will be in Chicago

Fortunately Bryce has a bigger sample size to work with, then. Fans come late and leave early everywhere. Fans couldn’t get away from Wrigley fast enough starting at the 7th Inning Stretch of NLDS Game 4. Fans leave concerts early, leave church early, and every now and then they try to leave airplanes early.  And it’s only recently that Nats fans have been traveling well; it seemed like there were more Nats fans than Pirates fans in PNC Park in 2016 for “Clinchmas” and a few other notable series around the country but dc will always have a big influx of Away fans because it’s a major tourist destination. Pack the kids up and take em to see the monuments for an education vacation, then take in a ball game while you’re in town. Welcome to living in the nation’s capital!