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Re: Home Team discount?
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Lol that’s nuts. Wrigley is full of bandwagon fans who leave at the 6th inning if the cubs don’t have a lead, and after the team regresses a bit (because sooner or later, the first becomes the worst; no one stays on top forever), it’ll go back to being full of boozy seniors and college kids ditching class.

My sample size is small but from one series spent in Chicago there seemed to be a noticeable inference in home stadium atmosphere. Sometimes it seems there are as many Cubs, Cardinals, Dodger,Braves, Oriole (from Washington) fans at Nats Park as you'll find in those teams own home stadiums.

If the Cubs fork over the dough Bryce, who has spoken publicly of his agitation with the many come late, leave early, Nats fans; will be in Chicago