Author Topic: As the rotation turns - offseason edition 2017-18  (Read 2933 times)

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Archer's contract is 6.25MM and 7.5MM for '18 and '19, with two options for '20 (9MM) and '21 (11MM).  So, basically he's due <$34MM for 4 years.  FIP based WAR loves him, borderline top 10 last year, but RA9 based bWAR though he was below average.  Like below Tanner Roark, who bWAR didn't like either.  It is a steal of a contract if you think the ERA is mostly bad luck (inflated BABIP and high home run rate).  6 years of control of 2 top 100 prospects is a lot to give up but, for 4 years, $34MM, that's means you are OK if he's only a 1 WAR pitcher.  TB has gotten one good power guy from us in Souza, and I think some pitchers have worked out OK like Karns.  That does not sound like an unreasonable package, unless the Nats think Soto is a lock as a starter.  I'd try Stevenson, Fedde, and someone not named Soto or Carter Kieboom, but it takes something to get something.

Sign JD Martinez then trade Taylor and Cole for him ;)