Author Topic: As the rotation turns - offseason edition 2017-18  (Read 2640 times)

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Why do the Nats "need" a solid 1/2/3? Neither World Series team had a good number 3 pitcher. You could make the argument that Keuchel was pretty meh and the Dodgers didn't anything resembling a good number 2.

The Cubs had relatively decent starting pitching, but he Yankees certainly didn't.

Unless there is an injury, I don't see why they would need to make a move for a top of the rotation starter when they're in a division that, frankly, they should win fairly easily. Unless that deal is for someone who is going to be here long term, I'm not sure why you give up prospects now, when you can hold on to them and get what you need at the deadline (like a closer or a replacement for an injury).

I thought it was pretty much implied that anybody we bring in would be for the long-term and not just a 1 year rental.  Of course you don't give up a huge prospect haul for 1 year of a #3 starter.  You get somebody who can take the mound instead of Gio in Game 3, and you get somebody who will be around and still in their prime as a little insurance for the future as Max ages and Stras is also always a question as far as health.