Author Topic: Harper trade speculation (breakout from off-season thread)  (Read 22401 times)

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Jeff Sullivan at Fangraphs was asked about what Machado would bring in trade with 1 year left.  This might be useful to compare to Bryce:


Raindog: What kind of prospects would Machado bring back if dealt now?  What kind if dealt in July?


Jeff Sullivan: Figure Machado will get paid something like, I don’t know, $20 million in this last year of team control


Jeff Sullivan: He’s probably going to be worth something more like $50 million


Jeff Sullivan: I don’t think you’re looking at a package headlined by a clearly elite prospect. It would be headlined by a good pitching prospect or a fairly good position-player prospect, and then you’d get another couple interesting prospects to fill out the package


Jeff Sullivan: This is the trouble with trading guys in their contract seasons. Especially position players, who you can’t leverage for a bigger price around the deadline