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oh, I'm not saying it is an airtight case, but if a Bryce extension can't get done before the season (or look likely based on Rizzo and the Lerners' assessment of the situation), then I think the prospects you could pick up would cushion the outyears of a JD contract.  You know more about contracts than I do (I mean it, you do some work in the industry I think you said), but you could perhaps structure it so it is likely he opts out after 3 if you really don't want to be stuck with Werth 2 in 2024.  Knowing the way the Lerners operate, give him $35MM a year for the first 3 years, with $15MM a year deferred until retirement, and then 5 more years at $20MM a year.  Boras gets him the $200MM contract, some killer nominal pay up front, and, if he's good enough to look like he'll keep on playing for multiple years, a chance to beat those last 5 years on the market.

I can see your logic now that you've expanded on it.  I don't really have any special knowledge of 200 MM contracts.  I work in finance for a brokerage firm.  I always wanted to be a sports agent growing up once I realized I wouldn't be a professional ballplayer, and when my cousin I'm close with started getting serious with her now-husband that plays professional baseball, I asked if he could hook me up with his agent.  So for the past 3 years I've been working as sort of an intern, or actually extern, on the side for that agent.  I've helped him look at a few arbitration cases for his clients, sought out potential endorsement deals, and done a lot of b!tch work like get players hotel rooms and concert tickets.  I did do the legwork on what turned out to be a few pretty big endorsement deals for a guy on the Jays when he was a rookie.  He's become a pretty big star now.  My path to actually being employed and paid by this guy is recruiting clients.  I have recruited a couple of local kids here in Louisville that didn't sign out of high school but play for Louisville.  Hopefully they become stars down the line.