Author Topic: Harper trade speculation (breakout from off-season thread)  (Read 19574 times)

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Bautista and his 15 mil are off the books so they add 6 mil in salary for Harper. Bid deal.

Sanchez and Happ were out most of the year as was Tulo and Donaldson. If they were healthy there is no way they lose that division by 17 games.

They have Sanchez, Stroman, Happ and Estrada. Donaldson, Smoak, Tulo, Morales, Pillar, Martin and Goins. They need some relievers but that is a very good team. They are one of the teams that if they added Harper would take them over the top IMO.

I think you are underestimating the fan base this team has in Canada. They keep their top 4 prospects and give up a young closer who struggled at times last year and 5th, 8th and 11th best prospects.

This is a deal that I think the Jays and their ownership group Rogers would jump all over.

Would you give up Doolittle, Soto, Fedde and Raudy Reed for Manny Machado? Or one year of Kris Bryant?
That’s the equivalent of the trade you are proposing.