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This team is still a contender and likely division champs without Harper.

This season we will have Eaton and his 5 WAR. We will have a healthy Turner at the top of the lineup. We will have Taylor who looks to be a star in CF for the whole season. We hopefully won't be trotting out AJ Cole or Edwin Jackson as the 4th / 5th starters. We will have a closer who won't blow 20 games.

Plus, it isn't just about this season. Trading Harper means we can turn our attention to signing Rendon Long term who arguably has a bigger impact on this team than Harper. If we sign Harper say goodbye to Rendon. We can also sign a top starting pitcher like Lance Lynn because we know we won't have an albatross contract next year from Harper.

185 mil to JD over 7 years
185 mil to Rendon over 7 years
45 mil to Lynn over 3 years
1 top prospect for Harper

Is world's better than

400+ mil to Harper.

I'd still take one top prospect for Harper right now than lose him for nothing because we are one of the few teams that can do alot of damage without him. But put him on a team on the cusp like Boston for 163 and he may take them over the top.

Or say a team like the Blue Jays who have money to spend call and offer us Pillar or Osuna. He would make the Jays contenders in that division, sell seats and take them over the top.

Replace Martinez with Hosmer and give Lynn's money to Rendon