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oh, I'm not saying it is an airtight case, but if a Bryce extension can't get done before the season (or look likely based on Rizzo and the Lerners' assessment of the situation), then I think the prospects you could pick up would cushion the outyears of a JD contract.  You know more about contracts than I do (I mean it, you do some work in the industry I think you said), but you could perhaps structure it so it is likely he opts out after 3 if you really don't want to be stuck with Werth 2 in 2024.  Knowing the way the Lerners operate, give him $35MM a year for the first 3 years, with $15MM a year deferred until retirement, and then 5 more years at $20MM a year.  Boras gets him the $200MM contract, some killer nominal pay up front, and, if he's good enough to look like he'll keep on playing for multiple years, a chance to beat those last 5 years on the market.

I still don't see what prospects your getting for a year of Harper. He's more valuable at the deadline than in the offseason.

And if we're dropping another big contract, get Hosmer and play him in LF. Put Eaton in RF where he belongs. When Zimmerman goes down, you move Hosmer to 1B and call up Robles.