Author Topic: Harper trade speculation (breakout from off-season thread)  (Read 19965 times)

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Yelich traded to the Brewers for : OF Lewis Brinson, OF Monte Harrison, INF Isan Diaz and RHP Jordan Yamamoto.

Brinson was the number 18 prospect on BA
Harrison number 75
Diaz projects to a decent second baseman with average defense and some pop. Similar to Baez at the plate, but maybe more contact and walks.
Yamamoto projects to a decent reliever

Frankly, I think the Brewers overpaid a little. Anyone who thinks we're getting better than that for Harper is delusional. Hell, anyone who thinks we'd get someone like Brinson and Harrison is wrong.

Yelich probably gets you more in trade than Bryce at this point due to the 5 cheap years of control remaining.  You can't build around Bryce at this point if you get him in trade.  He is only valuable as a win-now guy.