Author Topic: Harper trade speculation (breakout from off-season thread)  (Read 21219 times)

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Not to pile on, but who are you expecting back for Harper? Do you expect to get back a top 10 prospect? Wouldn't one of the big market teams just wait until he is a free agent instead of having to give up prospects AND then try to keep him? Is there a small market team with one hole in RF that would give up a top 10 prospect because they completely know that they won't be able to sign him long term, but think that 2018 is "their year".

I just don't see enough coming back for one year of Harper to make up for his loss, even with signing J.D. Martinez.

I said earlier it doesn't make sense to trade Harper now.  Then somebody said we wouldn't get much for Harper if we did trade him, to which I totally disagree.  I'd only look into trading Harper if we're unable to extend him now or during the season and if we somehow totally fall way out of contention by the deadline.  That's highly unlikely, so Harper is playing here through the end of next season at least.