Author Topic: Harper trade speculation (breakout from off-season thread)  (Read 18944 times)

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Doolittle, Solis, and Romero are among the lockiest locks in the bullpen. If Doolittle is bumped back to a set up guy by a closer acquisition, then there's no room in a 7 man pen for Bryan Harper. If Harper is just getting back to pitching this year, it'll take him a few months just to shake out and get control back.

Right now our bullpen is set:  Doolittle, Madson, and Kintzler are on guaranteed contracts.  Romero, Grace, and Solis are out of options.  We still have Kelley under contract as well for 2018 so we'd have to cut him and eat salary to make room for anyone else.  Cole is likely to get the #5 rotation slot now as he's out of options too.  So if you add Bryan Harper, who do you cut?   Glover should be back as well, but he has options and can start the year in AAA.  Fedde is also likely to start in the minors.

Again, given where Harper is right now, he's likely to start the year in Syracuse.