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You're not getting that.

Martinez brought back  Dawel Lugo, Sergio Alcantara, and Jose King. None of them are even remotely high prospects.
Yes. Again, what team is one bat away from being a WS favorite and is willing to give up what it takes to get him? The Cubs were a closer away from being a WS champion and they made the move.

Who are you trading Harper for and what are you getting in return? Name names. Don't tell me "oh Chapman got this" That was at the deadline and back end relievers were artificially inflated at the time. Wade Davis cost less. David Robertson and Tommy Kahnle went for a lot less. The 2016 MLB trade deadline was an anomaly.

So like I said, start naming names. Would you give up Robles, Fedde, and Goodwin for one season of Mike Trout or JD Martinez?

For Trout? Absolutely. In a heartbeat. Guys like Harper or Trout would take teams that are on the cusp like Boston to a new level. But on the Nats Harper doesn't make that much of a difference because we are so deep 1-9. Which is why we wouldnt lose much production if we replaced him with a guy like JD.

Teams would be lining up to add a guy like Harper or Trout especially if that meant they could negotiate with him during the season which is something other teams cannot do.