Author Topic: Harper trade speculation (breakout from off-season thread)  (Read 14921 times)

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Except it’s not obvious. And five years of trades back that up. The Cubs got more for Chapman than the White Sox got for 5 YEARS of Adam Eaton, who is a 6 win player. That was an anomalous trade. There isn’t the demand for Bryce from a contender and position players in their walk year have historically not gotten that much in return. 

We gave up three prospects for 25-30 wins. And many think that was an overpay. How many wins is one year of Bryce worth? 8? 10 at the most? So figure you get a third of what you gave up for Eaton. And that doesn’t take into account that Bryce is due for $21 million next year Eaton isn’t nearly that expensive. So the price goes down even more. These other GMs aren’t idiots.

Also the price goes up at the trade deadline usually as some teams decide to go all in. Such as the Cubs with Chapman. It's not very likely that the Nats would be so far out of it to want to trade Harper.  They likely would just ride it out and take their best shot. Same with Murphy. Before the season they likely won't get enough to want to make a deal.