Author Topic: Harper trade speculation (breakout from off-season thread)  (Read 9608 times)

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Except it’s not obvious. And five years of trades back that up. The Cubs got more for Chapman than the White Sox got for 5 YEARS of Adam Eaton, who is a 6 win player. That was an anomalous trade. There isn’t the demand for Bryce from a contender and position players in their walk year have historically not gotten that much in return. 

We gave up three prospects for 25-30 wins. And many think that was an overpay. How many wins is one year of Bryce worth? 8? 10 at the most? So figure you get a third of what you gave up for Eaton. And that doesn’t take into account that Bryce is due for $21 million next year Eaton isn’t nearly that expensive. So the price goes down even more. These other GMs aren’t idiots.

Do you have any trade examples of a MVP-level player in their prime being traded in the offseason 1 year prior to them hitting free agency?