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This is almost ZDK territory, but would you consider Harper + for Stanton?  That + we can speculate on, but 10 years of Stanton at $295MM is better than what you will sign Harper to.

Putting Harper in a deal allows Jeter to deal Bryce down the stretch for maybe more than he can get for Stanton since Harper comes with no long term obligations.  Worse comes to worse, Jeter would get the comp picks if they contend this year, they go all in, and he keeps Harper instead of dealing him.  Short of that, Harper could get you Chapman-level stuff at the deadline.

Stanton's opt out worries me, but that's going to lead to other teams limiting what they would put in a deal.  For most teams, the cost would be a limiting factor too, but for the Nats, he's a cheaper alternative to Harper.  I have no idea what the + would be, but if it were say Fedde and Carter Kieboom (that is, one guy I suspect is in the 2d quarter of the top 100 and another guy who is on the fringe of the top 100), I would think that might do it given the expectation that Harper then gets flipped by the Marlins for more high-tier prospects down the stretch.
I always have seen that as a possibility too.   It makes a lot of sense for all parties involved.  Getting Stanton definitely soften the blow to the fans heartbreak of losing Harper.  Stanton would be happy to come here, I'd think.  Marlins shed the contract, which is the most important thing to them.