Author Topic: Harper trade speculation (breakout from off-season thread)  (Read 17157 times)

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Exactly. If you win, people will come.

Does a top 10 prospect get us wins in 2018? Probably not. Certainly not like Harper. But does it in 2019-2022? I think so.
I don't think folks are suggesting trading Harper for a fairly high prospect and not doing anything more in terms of talent for 2018.  I think the only way the Nats would trade Harper would be if they bring in a transitional guy to make up for much of his offense in 2018.  A guy like Martinez, who is older than Bryce and who should drop off sooner if they both age normally, but who should also be a fine bat for the near term window.  If there is an outfielder who hit like Murphy in 2015, then maybe he's a good signing rather than Martinez.  That said, they are not going to move Harper without a short-term transitional player.  I doubt they go all in on Robles for 2018.